Freelance Soundlabs NKS NEWS- October 2021

Freelance Soundlabs NKS NEWS- October 2021

Jason has a couple of new libraries as well as updates this month as follows:

Cherry Audio Mercury-4

Another fantastic synth from Cherry Audio, Mercury-4 is a recreation of the Roland Jupiter 4 and sounds great. We have an NKS library created for this synth which includes the expected full controller mapping, detailed attribute tagging, sound previews and database/artwork files.

GForce M-Tron Pron Expansions

This took a while to process due to the number of expansions and the need to pick through and tag things mostly by hand but all currently available M-Tron Pro expansions are now NKS ready in a single “Complete Bundle” 
The complete bundle contains the following NKS libraries which will add a bank for each expansion in your existing M-Tron Pro instrument in your NKS browser (with additional banks for the “Artist” patches
• Optitron
• Orchestron
• Chambertron
• The Streetly Tapes Vol 1
• The Streetly Tapes Vol 2
• The Streetly Tapes Vol 3
• The Streetly Tapes Vol 4
• The Streetly Tapes Vol 5
• The Streetly Tapes Vol 6
• The Streetly Tapes M300
• The Streetly Tapes SFX Console
This is currently available as a complete bundle for all expansions for now but if we receive enough requests for individual libraries we will consider adding these for download as well.
SynthMaster 2 Template Update

There is a free update for SynthMaster 2 users which updates the controller template for the presets. This now moves the macro controls to page 1 and removes a couple of controls (Voice, Quality) that seem to cause a crash when adjusted in the latest version. I have reported this crashing issue (along with the weird display of data the controls now have in latest versions) to KV331 as I have found the previous versions of SM2 far more reliable. 
We have also refined the control template a bit to make it a little more intuitive. 
You can download it from your download area if you have it on your account. Simply download and replace existing NKS presets with the newest ones, no need to update the image/database files:

We are also working on updates for additional expansions for SynthMaster2 Everything Bundle as well as new bundled expansions for SynthMaster One but no idea when these will be available as yet.

XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2 Template Update
An update is available for the XLN Audio Addictive Drums library which adds in some pan controls for the different elements so you can now adjust the panning of hats/cymbals from the keyboard. 
Download this from your account if you have it available. Simply download and replace existing NKS presets with the newest ones, no need to update the image/database files.

Korg Collection “Preset Name Issue”

It has been known since the new v2 versions of the Korg Instruments were released that MS-20 and PolySix have a bug that may cause the wrong preset name it display when you load a NKS preset.

This only affects the display of the preset name, the actual preset sound is loaded correctly so no issues in usage, just in the displayed name of the preset.

This is an issue of how these instruments now reference the preset name. It appears when you save a project with these instruments loaded (either a NKS “snapshot” or a project in a DAW) the preset snapshot seems to reference a position in a list for the preset name to be read from and if you happen to change the number of presets in the plugin itself by adding/removing a bank of presets or even saving some user presets, this now throws off every previously saved preset. 

I have tested, and confirmed this issue both in Komplete Kontrol: 
And also in Ableton Live just saving a project (not using Komplete Kontrol at all):

I have reported this through to Korg a month ago but they have not gotten back to me as yet to confirm this or advise of any ETA for a fix (even after follow up) 

Since this is clearly a bug in their plugins and would be affecting everyone using them in any application I would urge anyone affected to contact Korg, submit a ticket and reference these videos as evidence of the issue (which they should have already) or test yourself. 
More in November…

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