Korg Collection 3 NKS Now Available

Korg Collection 3 NKS Now Available

This NKS Library pack is an updated version of the Korg Legacy bundle which now includes ALL 11 Korg Collection Instruments. This bundle contains all factory presets and additional Korg expansion banks for all Korg Collection 3 instruments to browse using the Komplete Kontrol or Maschine software and hardware controllers.

This totals over 8,500 preset files and includes presets for the following instruments: 

• Arp Odyssey
• Legacy Cell
• M1
• miniKorg
• MonoPoly
• MS-20
• Polysix
• Prophecy
• Triton
• Triton Extreme
• Wavestation

Presets are fully tagged for quick browsing of sounds within Komplete Kontrol with controls mapped in a logical way.

Artwork and database files are also provided for the NKS browser along with sound previews and detailed controller maps for all instruments.

For users who own the Korg Legacy collection there is an upgrade path, just login to see it but of course you can still decide to purchase at full price if you feel it’s worth it.

Link to Freelance Soundlabs Korg Collection Product Page:

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