Limited Time Promotion ON D16 Group Nepheton

Limited Time Promotion ON D16 Group Nepheton

As the calendar is once again about to roll around to 8,08, then it’s again time for developers of Roland classic instrument emulations to have a sale that reflects the numbers of the product range 🙂

So it is that D16 Group’s 808 drum machine emulation “Nepheton” is available for 29 Eur (reg. € 99) with coupon 808DAY, ending on Sunday.

If you happen to be on the lookout for a Roland TR808 emulation plugin rather than sample library, then this one is actually pretty good, alongside it’s other product companion Drumazon (A TR909 emulation), they are quite hard to beat in terms of accuracy

There are NKS packs available for both products from Freelance Soundlabs, and Jason has created multiple output templates for each, with every individual drum assigned to it’s own track.

If following tradition, then there may well be a sale on Drumazon next month 🙂

Here is a link to the D16 Nepheton Product Page:

It can also be purchased at Plugin Boutique without the code here:

Freelance Soundlabs Nepheton NKS Pack:

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