Heavyocity – Play It Forward 2021 – Sample Loop Pack

Heavyocity – Play It Forward 2021 – Sample Loop Pack

Heavyocity have just launched a donationware sample pack in the shape of ‘Play It Forward 2021.

The name your price loop pack which includes in excess of 200 Heavyocity curated samples was created by the Heavyocity team using products from their signature cinematic sound catalogue.

Heavyocity is contributing proceedsfrom sales to the ‘Action Against Hunger’ fund to help combat world hunger.

The loops come in wav, Rex and Kontakt full version formats (not Kontakt player).

Of particular note here, for Komplete Kontrol users, is that the Kontakt NKI files will happily scan into the user side of your KK system, and have a couple of basic parameters assigned to NKS hardware, the famous Heavyocity ‘Punch’ effect, and also the reverb space can both be switched on or off, and their amount adjusted.

The tempo synced loops have five flavours, percussive loop stems in straight and triplet, tonal loop stems again in both metre’s, and also a full loop version NKI that includes the merged percussion and tonal tracks.

The name your price will let you pay whatever you wish for this deserving cause, and the download is courtesy of the Heavyocity portal.

Further details & the product page can be found here:

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