Plughugger Sound Design Release Future Sound of Retro Drum and BassSoundset For U-HE Repro 5

Plughugger Sound Design Release Future Sound of Retro Drum and Bass
Soundset For U-HE Repro 5

Plughugger have today added another in their Future Sound of Retro series of soundsets for U-HE synthesizers, this time the genre covers drum & bass.

Note that you do need to own a copy of U-HE Repro 5 to load these presets…

For the fifth entry in our Future Sound of Retro series, we give an analog-futuristic treatment to one of our favourite genres: Drum and Bass. Drums playing at hysterical speeds, combined with deep basses and smooth pads.

While the original genre relied heavy on sampled material, we decided to go full out analog making everything with one synthesizer: the Repro-5. From drums and sub basses, to modulated pads all the way to modern wub-wubs.

From a stylistic evolution point of view, one could say this soundset is the logical continuation of Future Sound of Retro Underground, with both soundsets having a foot in the Rave-culture of the time.

In contrast to the other soundsets in the Future Sound of Retro series, this one only focuses on the Repro-5 synthesizer, and have zero(!) presets for Repro-1. The reason for leaving Repro-1 behind this time was that when it comes to distortion, Repro-5 really make a sound feel like on fire thanks to its dedicated distortion section plus the wonderfully noisy tape saturator.

All sounds are properly tagged making finding sounds easy (both in Repro as well as in Native Instruments Maschine and Komplete Kontrol).  The soundset also supports audio previews for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol.

Future Sound of Retro Drum and Bass contains 191 sounds all in all

Repro-5 Presets (153 sounds)
• 1 Arpeggio
• 70 Bass sounds
• 25 Synth sounds
• 27 Pad sounds
• 4 Effect sounds
• 26 Drum and Percussion sounds

Audio files (38 sounds)
• 38 Unprocessed drum sounds

All audio files are 16 bit/44 kHz mono.
PRICE: €9.90 / 50% OFF

UNTIL 13th of June

Use coupon code WUBWUB to get the discount.

Here is a link to the product page:

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