Freelance Soundlabs Latest Releases – May 2021

Freelance Soundlabs Latest Releases – May 2021

Another new month, and some more releases from our friend Jason over at Freelance Soundlabs.

Cherry Audio Eight Voice

This is Cherry Audio’s take on the classic Oberheim Eight voice synth, recreated in plug-in format, and now made NKS ready.

Processed and tagged all factory presets. This one has a LOT of parameters available and it took some time to decide how to best try and lay these out so that most of the functional control was on the first pages, but additional tweaks were available on later pages. I think the page count is about 30 which is pretty extreme but I know there are a lot of users out there that really need access to the controls from the hardware so have done my best to cover as much as practical.
There are a few parameters not mapped, mainly mode switches but if you feel something is really needed let me know and I can look at updating the template if it is worth it.

MusicLab Real Guitar Collection
I have had RealGuitar for years but always struggled to figure out how to best map the controls and also, how to best create templates for the different modes. Also didn’t help that as I started making a template, newer versions of RealGuitar were adding and changing things quite a bit so now that all models are finally at the same V5 level I have managed to painfully finish all of these.
Each of the 5 different VST versions is available with all the single/multi-track versions of the plugins bundled into a single NKS library with banks to select if you need to use a single, layered or multi-track preset in your project. Each of the different modes and model presets have also been saved out so you can instantly load up the way you want to work. Just delete the presets for a specific mode (such as joystick if you do not use a virtual guitar device) to remove them from the browser. Can do this with a right-click within the NKS browser.
Most of the available parameters have been mapped but it should be noted that not all parameters have host automation available so cannot be mapped.

Omnisphere 3rd Party Libraries

Jason has added a number of new third party Omnisphere libraries notably from Plughugger Sound Design and The Unfinished

A special thank you goes out to Matt at the Unfinished, as a former beta tester for his early Omnisphere Soundsets he is aware of and in particular the valuable contribution that Jason is making to accessibility by conversion of these libraries, and has generously contributed his whole Omnisphere catelogue for Freelance Soundlabs to process, many were in fact already listed, but a couple of gaps have now been Kompleted (with a capital K).

If you are not already aware of Matt’s excellent sound design work, his sounds and bespoke presets have graced the screens both big and small of many a blockbuster, his patches being firm favourites among many tv & film composers.

Despite many delays more of his work will be heard in the upcoming Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’, where Matt got to work directly with Mr Zimmer himself.

The Unfinished also supports and is signed up to the Able Artist Foundation, so you can get a generous discount on his Soundsets, and then pick up the NKS tie-in from Freelance Soundlabs to enjoy his huge back catalogue with your Komplete Kontrol set up if you have Spectrasonics Omnisphere installed.
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