Freelance Soundlabs – Latest NKS Packs April 2021…

Freelance Soundlabs – Latest NKS Packs April 2021…

Jason has been busy once again, and this month has several new packs for us, starting off with the excellent update for the Bob Moog Tribute Omnisphere pack which is a must have for Spectrasonics Omnisphere owners (note that you do need to have the Bob Moog Tribute pack purchased and installed from Spectrasonics for this to work with your Omnisphere installation).

Over to Jason…

Omnisphere Bob Moog Tribute V2 NKS Library

This is obviously a popular one and was only released 2 weeks ago but I have been getting asked quite a bit so decided to get this one done now.

This is the updated version which includes all the new presets and offers a convenient bank in the NKS browser to select to browse the original V1 presets or the newer V2 presets making it handy to see what is new.

All files are tagged with the tagging from Omnisphere and of course previews etc are included.
UVI Drum Designer NKS Library

UVI Drum Designer for both Falcon/Workstation. This includes presets for all the kits as well as each individual kit element as presets. Also includes a library for single track use and multi-track use in a DAW selectable using the Bank feature.

Falcon Expansions: LoFi Dreams, Savage NKS Libraries

2 new expansions for Falcon now available: “LoFi Dreams” and “Savage”

UVI UltraMini Updated

If you have used the UltraMini library for UVI you may have noticed none of hte controls have been working. Well this is now fixed and you can simply login to download the library again.If you are downloading one of the Vintage Vault packages then you just need to get the UltraMini folder and replace the existing one for the fix.
Just download it from your Account > User Menu > My Downloads

Happy Birthday…

Finally I’d like to take the opportunity to wish Jason a happy 40th birthday for this coming Saturday, not only is he a sterling chap, he has gone above and beyond to help out our community in recent years by creating NKS packs for products that would otherwise remain inaccessible, so cheers Jason 🙂


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