Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs – March 2021…

Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs – March 2021…

It’s a new month, and with it there are a few NKS pack releases from Freelance Soundlabs.

Cherry Audio…

Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG1, this plugin is actually currently still free at Plugin Boutique, so the only price to pay is for the NKS pack to make it accessible via Komplete Kontrol.

It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane for me, as this synth plugin is a recreation of the Tandy/Radio Shack Realistic MG-1 synth made for them by Moog way back in 1982, it was my first ever synth, no midi, no presets so any onstage sound changes had to be made rapidly between songs by hurriedly moving sliders and flicking switches, so no pressure then, it still resides in the studio 38 years later!

Cherry Audio Poly Mode

Another synth from Cherry Audio, available at a good price from Plugin Boutique.



TAL Audio J-8

This one is Tal Audio’s recreation of the Roland Jupiter 8, another classic from the 80’s, the plugin version is way cheaper than the actual hardware both then and now 🙂

TAL Audio Sampler

Tal’s sampler, is designed not to be a state of the art sample player like our beloved Kontakt, but instead aims to recreate those early days of sampling, when ram dictated the length and quality of your samples, it was amazing what could be done with less than a megabyte back then.

Product Links…

Plugin Boutique – Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG1:

Plugin Boutique – Cherry Audio Poly Mode:

Tal Audio J-8:

Tal Audio – Tal Sampler:

Freelance Soundlabs:

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