Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs – February 2021…

Latest NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs – February 2021…

Jason has been busy creating a couple of new NKS packs, this month there are presets for the Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra (which was being given away free with each purchase recently), an update for the previously released Analog Lab 5, and also another Plugin Boutique synth in the shape of Virtual CZ.

Here are the details in Jason’s own words…

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra

Covering all factory presets in NKS format with banks for each of the factory banks available. All presets have been tagged by hand to NKS 1.5 standards and a detailed controller map covers pretty much all controls available and has been labelled and laid out hopefully in a way that is fast and easy to use. Sound previews and library artwork is all included.
Plugin Boutique Virtual CZ
Another Plugin Boutique instrument release, VirtualCV has been asked for lately and I have just managed to wrap my head around the best way to tackle the controls for this one. 
All presets have again been hand tagged with NKS 1.5 tagging which was a bit painful since there are no tag details of any kind in this one, not even sound types, so it was a process of testing each one and assigning to a type first but should be pretty accurate and wasn’t too painful, let me know if anything is way off. Sound previews and artwork included of course. 
The control map is where the challenge lay. This instrument has 2 modes to work in for envelopes, either a standard ADSR or a more complex MSEG mode and this results in a LOT of parameters to play with but it has all been mapped for your convenience so you can choose to tweak either mode of envelopes. This is not an instrument I really know in-depth so please contact me if you are a guru and feel a better mapping could be done but for now enjoy.
Analog Lab V Template Update
After a bit of feedback I have updated the Analog Lab V template for single part sounds to move the macro controls for the sound to the first page instead of the “main controls” on the first page as this offers faster manipulation of sounds as you browse. 
The version of the NKS library for Analog Lab V with this latest change is v2.5.6, just check the properties tab in the NKS edit window for the version you have installed. If you have an existing version of the Analog Lab V NKS library and want to update you can find it on  this page after logging in, just delete your existing NKS preset folder for Analog Lab V and download and replace with the latest version. No need to update the database files:

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