Latest NKS Presets News From Freelance Soundlabs…

Latest NKS Presets News From Freelance Soundlabs…

UVI Toy Suite

There is Quite a large library covering the different instruments in this collection. Custom labelled controller maps for the different instrument groups and fully tagged library with sound previews, artwork and database files. Groups have been created for each category. Offered in both Falcon and Workstation library versions.
Cherry Audio CA2600

This Fully tagged library which was a bit of fun to play with. Actually took quite a while to create a control template as there are so many things to tweak and ordering things was a challenge but should be easy enough to operate, all controls are labelled for ease of use. Includes all sound previews and artwork etc.
Arturia Analog Lab V

This was quite a massive task to update. Arturia have created a new PluginID for Analog Lab 5 and also overhauled the macro control section which makes it a little easier to use but on first glance, appears to lose many of the functions of AL4. However, the format is still the same and the controls are all there and available for tweaking, just not immediately obvious from the new GUI. Arturia are working on an update already to add some more controls to the GUI but that should not affect the mapping at all.

This is a completely overhauled release processed from scratch and is not compatible with Analog Lab 4 or earlier. Updated banks, updated tagging and new controller maps that cover both the single part presets and multi part presets offering different mappings for the 2 types of workflows.

The Library contains all factory presets and free expansions available with bank details and highly detailed tagging converted from the Analog Lab library. The Pigments expansion library has also been updated. Currently none of the paid expansions have been created as there has not been enough expressed interest and I personally have no interest in more preset libraries myself. 

There is a special upgrade cost for users who own Analog Lab 4 NKS library (tho feel free to purchase at the full cost if your generous) and if you purchased the Pigments NKS expansion library this is available as a free update for Analog Lab V
Other Recent Releases
D16 drumazon
D16 nepheton
UVI vintage vault 3
UVI synth anthology 3
uvi drone

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