Native Instruments & U-HE Team Up For Latest Promo…

Native Instruments & U-HE Team Up For Latest Promo…

The new promotion from Native Instruments once again sees them partnering with legendary soft synth developers U-HE.

As with previous offers, the tiered pricing makes the full bundle very tempting with 60% off when you purchase the whole bundle, consisting of instruments and fx, however as U-HE do not tend to have big discount sales, so even the 50% off individual products is still not to be sneezed at!

In the instrument range, You can pick up Zebra 2, The Dark Zebra, Hive 2, Repro (consisting of Repro 1 & Repro 5 which are separate instruments) and the classic Diva.

There are also four U-HE FX plug-ins, again with NKS capability.

Here is the link to the promo page:

If you’ve never heard of U-HE, check out Reuben’s walkthrough:

There are also plenty of third party preset packs around for U-HE instruments, which are also NKS compatible which make these products quite expansive, checkout packs from the likes of ‘The Unfinished’ and ‘Plughugger Sound Design’ among others.

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