Freelance Soundlabs Latest NKS Packs

Freelance Soundlabs Latest NKS Packs

Freelance Soundlabs have announced a handful of brand new NKS preset packs this month, with the following being added to their extensive range:

D16 Drumazon & D16 Nephaton, these are accurate recreations of the classic Roland TR909 and TR808 drum machines.

I still have my 909 which I bought new in 1984, and can honestly say that Drumazon is the best software version I have found, D16 have replicated all of the originals hardware controls, and Jasons’s NKS preset conversion is well implemented, I can’t speak for Nephaton, however I’m sure this is of equal quality.

VI Labs True Keys

This VI Labs library includes all 3 piano models (American, German and Italian) with full controller mapping covering all settings. Includes both Workstation and Falcon

Initial Audio HeatUp 3 Expansions

• 6ix
• Drill 2
• Grind
• Saint
• Sauce 2 

Here is a link to Freelance Soundlabs:

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