Partial Structures From SUB51

Partial Structures From SUB51 Review

SUB51 are back with a new and once again extremely affordable new sample library entitled Partial Structures.

This time turning their focus on a useful collection of looped and one shot samples that could prove handy for game, media, film and ambient creators to keep in their back pockets.

SUB51 continue to put a contemporary spin on retro sounds in putting together this collection of both tonal and atonal rhythmic loops, slices and FX, all of which have been created and layered for the most part using vintage synths and analog sources.

Tech Specs…

Running in Kontakt 6.4 and above full version (Not Kontakt Player compatible), the 326.9MB library has had it’s parameters enabled for host automation within a DAW, and also mapped for use within the Komplete Kontrol environment, when added to the user side of KK.

Download & Installation…

After purchase, the zip file can be downloaded, un archived and then placed in either your default user content path, or a specified secondary one that’s been added to the Komplete Kontrol scan path.

Komplete Kontrol Plug-in Edit Parameters

As we have established, Partial Structures is not a licensed NKS library, so there are no entries to be found within the KK browser, other than heading to the user side, and dialling up the presets after first choosing Native Instruments as a vendor, and Kontakt as a product.

One tip I would recommend here for ease of use, is to rename and prefix the Partial Structures presets prior to scanning them into Komplete Kontrol.

The reason for this is that Komplete Kontrol will list any user added Kontakt NKI files in one long numeric/alphabetic list, so finding and knowing if an obscurely named preset belongs to your new library can be tricky if you have lots in that tree list.

I found that using the prefix of PS for loops, PSL for long one shots, and PSS for short one shots enabled me to quickly identify the Partial Structures content easily and avoid any confusion, so it was 15 minutes well spent.

It is prudent to do a batch re save after renaming the NKI files, just to ensure everything is completely repatriated to the Partial Structures library folder.

The presets should then show up on the user side of Komplete Kontrol, under Native Instruments/Kontakt/Presets.

Page One

Knob 1 – Master Volume
Knob 2 – Master Pan
Knob 3 – Master Tune
Knob 4 – Velocity
Knob 5 – Attack
Knob 6 – Decay
Knob 7 – Sustain
Knob 8 – Release

Page Two

Knob 1 – Low Pass Filter Cut-Off
Knob 2 – Low Pass Filter Resonance
Knob 3 – High Pass Filter Cut-Off
Knob 4 – High Pass Filter Resonance
Knob 5 – Lo-Fi Sample Rate
Knob 6 – Lo-Fi Bits
Knob 7 – Reverb Pre-Delay
Knob 8 – Reverb Decay

Page Three

Knob 1 – Reverb Dry
Knob 2 – Reverb Wet
Knob 3 – Delay Feedback
Knob 4 – Delay Time
Knob 5 – Delay Dry
Knob 6 – Delay Wet
Knob 7 – Tape Gain
Knob 8 – Tape Warmth

Page Four

Knob 1 – Tape Roll-Off
Knob 2 – Tape Output
Knob 3 – Trans Input
Knob 4 – Trans Attack
Knob 5 – Trans Sustain
Knob 6 – Trans Output
Knob 7 – LFO Frequency
Knob 8 – LFO Fade-in

Page Five

Knob 1 – LFO Sine Frequency
Knob 2 – LFO Sine Fade-in
Knob 3 – LFO Rect Frequency
Knob 4 – LFO Rect Fade-in


We know for certain that SUB51 do take the topic of accessibility seriously having liaised with them on recent releases. Partial Structures is no exception. All of the parameters found in the standard UI have been made available for host automation, and consequently assigned to Komplete Kontrol hardware knobs, so you can be rest assured that we are not missing out on anything from the normal user interface.

Partial Structures In Use…

Partial Structures probably won’t be crossing any uncharted waters or setting revolutionary new trends in sample libraries, however what it does it does well, which is to serve as one of those handy libraries you turn to when looking to add something new to a track or bridge a gap, it just might have that little extra something that you either didn’t know you needed,or didn’t know where else to look when you did need something.

The controls offer a good degree of creative potential, things like the master pan and tune coupled with the filters and FX, easily allow you to shape a preset into something that barely resembles it’s former self with just a few knob twists.


The 35 included loop presets consist of nicely panned analog synth rhythms, some of which are tonal, but could be tweaked to a desired pitch using the pitch control, as well as various hi-hat, bleeps, blips and glitches all of which are tempo synced to your DAW. There is also a patch containing all 35 loops mapped to their own key.

One Shots, Shorts & Longs…

Here we find 44 short one shots, and 57 longer one shots, featuring a variety of drones, bell tones, metallic glitches, rattles, tinkles and sound beds.

These are again also offered in a single ‘all sound’ preset patch. The accompanying individual sound NKI patches for both the short and long one shots are only assigned to one single note rather than being chromatically spread across the whole keyboard, which might have been a more preferential choice, although of course the omni present pitch control knob is still available.

The short one shot presets, some of which are still quite long, provide a further selection of similar sounds with a little more emphasis on hits, metallic, white noise, digital sweeps and cavernous crypt doors are among the flavours that await you here.

The same set of mapped parameters are concurrent across all of the three preset types, which makes tweaking and editing consistent throughout the library.


It is always satisfying to see how many parameters SUB51 take the time and effort to make available in their libraries, it is often many more than we see present in the larger and expensive releases.

Partial Structures is undeniably fine value for money, costing a similar amount to a standard sample pack, but with the additional convenience and flexibility that having accessible Komplete Kontrol integration brings to the party.

The seasoning is often the unrecognised ingredient that makes a dish tasty, Partial Structures has the potential to add a sprinkle of that little extra something to a track, that can contribute to enhance it’s overall flavour.

Partial Structures can be purchased from the SUB51 web site at an introductory price of £12.97 (Usually £19.95)

Partial Structures Product Page:

(Audio Demos can be found on the above product page)

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September 17th, 2020


The author accepts no responsibility for subsequent purchase decisions made as a result of this article,or Any inaccuracies found within this review. All opinions or product functions stated are based solely on information perceived as a blind user whilst using the product or gathered from official factual sources on the web or product manual.

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