Summer Savings On Omnisphere Sounds…

Summer Savings On Omnisphere Sounds…

If you are a Spectrasonics Omnisphere owner and your finances do not stretch to purchasing expensive new Kontakt libraries, then picking up some new presets for Omnisphere could be the next best thing, especially as there are some good sales from leading preset developers right now.

Both PlugInGuru and The Unfinished have summer sales underway which offer 40% off of their popular Omnisphere libraries, as well as soundsets for other leading software synths.

The pedigrees of both of these developers need little explanation, John Lehmkuhl from PluginGuru has been creating synth presets for decades working with some of the worlds leading synth hardware manufacturers. The Unfinished aka Matt Bowdler’s sound presets are widely used within the TV and Film industry, Matt has also created bespoke sounds for a growing number of Hollywood movies, perhaps the most notable to date will be the forthcoming new Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ where he was commissioned to create sounds for Hans Zimmer

The NKS connection here is that Jason from Freelance Soundlabs has a large range of third party soundset NKS packs for the majority of these vendors Omnisphere output, as well as many others from the likes of Plughugger, Audiority, Gahrn Audio, SoundDust, ILIO, Luftrum and MIDIssonance to name a few.

The Freelance Soundlabs NKS packs work as very low cost bolt-ons to the main preset vendors original soundsets which you need to purchase first, but provide NKS support with many pages of parameter mapping which let you further tailor your sounds.

Here are some links to checkout:

Freelance Soundlabs Omnsphere Third Party Soundsets (note you need to already own the factory Omni pack to access this page)



The Unfinished (Use coupon code THREESCOOPSPLEASE at the checkout to get the discount)


Plughugger Sounds


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