Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro, Core & Discover Updates

Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro, Core & Discover Updates

We are Pleased to report that Spitfire have acknowledged the one or two issues early adoptors had noticed with the Pro and Core libraries.


The absence of the Bass Flute NKSF preset is on the fix list as a priority, which means that Pro owners will finally be able to play the new instrument.


Core owners may have noticed that the Crowtales preset is tied to the Celeste preset, the reason for this being that Crotales was not intended to be included within Core (the samples are not there), however this is now likely to be added in an update, so no Crotales immediately but in due course.

Mode Switching

One of the BBC SO selling points, is the Mode switching feature that is designed for owners of differing BBC SO levels to interchange their works with one another. This would be of particular use in a student and teacher scenario, where a student may be working on a laptop with BBC SO Discover, and the mode switch would potentially allow a teacher to render the students work to a higher quality.

Given this potential in the education sector it would be essential for this facility to be accessible, which at present it is not. This shortfall has now been pointed out and acknowledged, so we hope at some point this will be implemented in an update.

Spitfire Application

Finally some good news on the spitfire application, I am told that this will become accessible in the coming months as a new change in the software architecture is being worked on for introduction.

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