Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra For Free!

Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra For Free!

It’s fair to say that Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra attracted a lot of attention when it was first released last year, not least due to the heaps of hype that the Spitfire machinery itself often seems to create.

There is now some good news however if you have been hankering after the 600Gb plus library that usually sells for £899.00

The original library which is now renamed and called BBC SO Professional is currently on sale for £679.00, still a considerable sum, but there are also now two new editions that should meet every pocket, and that includes free!

BBC SO Core, is a cutdown version, in the respect that the essential instruments are there , it’s just that the number of microphone positions are whittled down to one, the data footprint is around 24Gb, and the price which is currently £299.00 will be £399.00

The edition which is really turning heads, , is the BBC SO Discover version, this is a 200mb (yes 200mb) ultra lightweight 33 instrument library which despite the tiny size features enough presets and articulations to allow anybody the opportunity to dabble with orchestral composition. The price is £49.00 or if you are willing to answer a few questions, and wait a couple of weeks, can be yours for gratis, or free if you would prefer.

NKS Support…

A couple of points on NKS support, all of the BBC SO products use Spitfire’s own proprietary plug-in format as opposed to Kontakt, but Spitfire Audio have created accompanying NKS presets which will enable us to use all of these libraries within Komplete Kontrol.

For existing BBC SO Professional owners, the latest update adds a new Bass Flute instrument, but unfortunately Spitfire seem to have forgotten to create a matching NKSF preset file for this, so we cannot currently access it, rest assured I have been in touch and hopefully this will be rectified in due course.

The new Discover and Core editions, do indeed have NKS files, but currently no pre-hear sounds, again this is something that should get rectified with an update.

Here is the link to the BBC SO product page, just follow the link to the edition you are interested in, there is a sub link on the Discover version which should allow you to find out about how to obtain your free copy.


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