NKS NEWS: Rob Papen, Plug-IN Alliance & Audio Imperia Nucleus…

NKS NEWS: Rob Papen, Plug-IN Alliance & Audio Imperia Nucleus…

Here is a short NKS news bulletin which might be relevant to some users,

Rob Papen…

Rob Papen has now updated Punch 2, his drum plug-in to have NKS support.

You will need to login to your account, go to your products and find the revised NKS pack there.

For Rob Papen Explorer owners there is a revised NKS pack for all supported products within the Explorer product bundle.

Plug-in Alliance…

Plug-in Alliance are having a flash leap year sale, which was only supposed to run until midnight on February 29th, however due to a bit of an issue with their email delivery system, the sale has been extended to March 3rd. emails went out without voucher codes included.

What voucher codes? I hear you ask, well they are offering any of their plug-ins for just $29 each for the promotion, which was distributed to email subscribers.

Why is this of interest to NKS and Komplete Kontrol users?, they do have a couple of products that have NKS support, both instruments and effects, so if you deleted your email it could be worth retrieving it from your trash folder!

There is the BX Oberhausen soft synth, which usually sells for $249, and can be picked up for just $29, and on the effects side, you can pick up Unfiltered Audio BYOME for the same price, and again this normally retails for $249.00

It might be advantageous to Google Plug-in Alliance NKS to see if you can root out any other good NKS product deals on their website!

Audio Imperia – Nucleus…

Anyone that read my original review for this orchestral library, may recall my criticism of a lack of pre-hear sounds, which might be a minor omission, however I felt it made the product feel a little bit unpolished.

, The good news is that this has now been addressed, and an update is available to ownders.
You can read the original review here:

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