Latest NKS News from Freelance Soundlabs…

Latest NKS News from Freelance Soundlabs…

Jason has just completed and released NKS preset packs for WA Productions Babylon Synth, and also Kilohearts One VST.

Perhaps of particular note for NKS bargain hunters is WA Productions Babylon synth, which is currently on sale at Plug-in Boutique for just £9.95

Babylon has 2200 factory presets and over 250 waveforms to play with on it’s three oscillators, there are 20 pages mapped to NKS with good support for the essential synthesis building blocks, along with FX sections including Reverb, Delay, Filters, Chorus, Lo-fi and Distortion.

The sounds are perhaps a little unremarkable if compared to other top range synths, however for anyone wanting to easily get into basic synthesis and have fun creating their own presets it’s hard to beat for the price, even when you add the additional cost of the NKS presets.
You can always download a free trial of both the Babylon Synth as well as Jason’s NKS presets to take it for a spin!

Here are the links:

WAProductions Babylon Product Page:

Plug-in Boutique Babylon Sales Page:

Freelance Soundlabs Babylon NKS Page:

Freelance Soundlabs Kilohearts One NKS Page:


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