Project Sam Symphobia 4 – Pandora

Project Sam Symphobia 4 – Pandora

The fourth incantation of the sample library series that set the standards for modern cinematic scoring has finally landed, the low whispers that have murmured around the sample library industry for well over a year have now risen to a roaring crescendo that is almost as clearly defined as one of Project Sam’s very own orchestral riser presets, now the long wait is finally over, servers are operating at full output and bandwidth strains as users are at last able to download Pandora Symphobia 4!

We plan to publish the KK-Access Pandora review in two parts over the coming few days, in order to fully cover the various sections of the library in a manageable timescale.

Here is a direct download for a short audio cue put together to demonstrate the kind of sound Pandora produces, there are also many great walkthroughs on the web (particularly recommend Guy Rowland’s informal and informative series).

Project Sam Symphobia 4 Pandora Product Page:

Symphobia 4: Pandora

As an NKS partner Symphobia 4 Pandora can also be purchased and directly downloaded from Native Instruments and Native Access, here is a link to the current launch promotion page:

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