New NKS Updates From Freelance Soundlabs…

New NKS Updates From Freelance Soundlabs…

Freelance Soundlabs have released a couple of updates for popular products which many of us have here on the list,

First up, is Arturia Analog Lab 4, here is the release note:

AnalogLab 4 Update
– AnalogLab 4 NKS library has been updated to v2.5.4:
– Added new free banks: M.Houle’s Signature, Percussive Drive

Next comes Synthmaster 1:

SynthMaster One
SynthMaster One NKS library has been updated to v2.5.3 with the following
– Added banks to NKS files for Author to sort through presets by Author in
Komplete / Maschine
– Added additional 200+ presets for 1.3 update
– Reordered folders to now list files by author (requires old files to be
deleted to update to new version)

Finally, Sylenth1 :

Sylenth1 Update
Sylenth1 NKS library has now been updated to 2.5.3 with the following changes:
– Updated preset control map with small fix for a few labels and added new
Arp Shuffle control
– Added additional 140 presets to Bank 6 after latest Sylenth update

If you have any of these on your account just login and visit the My
Downloads page to download. You only need to replace the NKS preset files
(database files are unchanged)

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