Red Room Audio – Symphonic Sketchpad now only $99.00

Red Room Audio – Symphonic Sketchpad now only $99.00

If you have downloaded and enjoyed using the free version of Palette Primary Colours, then this current deal from Audio Plugin Deals could be of particular interest to you.

Symphonic Sketchpad is a fully featured and well stocked orchestral library totalling 29Gb in size, it has all of the core orchestral sections, plus a great trailer tools and even a synth section included.

Normally retailing for $299.00 (it still costs this when buying direct), It is NKS ready and has good hardware mapping for the most important parameters.

I wrote a comprehensive review of the library upon the initial release last year, and you can check this out at the link below:

Much as I dislike the phrase ‘no brainer’, if you have been wanting to delve into orchestral composition, and want to go the extra step beyond the free sample of this library, then this is the chance.

Here is the link to the current offer:

Palette – Symphonic Sketchpad by Red Room Audio

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