Freelance Soundlabs Release Soundtoys FX NKS Bundle

Freelance Soundlabs Release Soundtoys FX NKS Bundle

Here are the latest words from Jason over at Freelance Soundlabs:

Full bundle of all 21 Soundtoys effects are available as well as individual NKS for each effect for those that do not have the full bundle.

It took quite some time to create due to the number of images and database files that needed to be created but should offer the same preset browsing structure as the plugins themselves with banks for each preset section and all tagged and categorised in the browser.

The bundle version also includes the Effect Rack but at this stage I have not mapped each different racks parameters as this requires manual work to lay out pages correctly and a lot of additional time

A “User” tagged preset is included with each plugin that can be used to save your own custom mapping for each effect. This will allow you to save the presets of your choice and have them appear under a User bank in the NKS browser.

Here is the link to Freelance Soundlabs:

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