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Samples From Mars – 808 Kits for Battery & Kontakt…

Yesterday as I previously posted was 808 day in recognition of that iconic beat box from Roland, certainly if a drum machine could earn royalties for itself, it would be wealthier than Bill Gates by now!

Anyway, the library comes in a variety of Native Instruments formats, well three actually, but the ones that are most likely to be used by us are Battery and Kontakt.

Here are the steps to get both installed, up and running on the user side of your KK browser, hopefully with a minimum of effort…


After unzipping the 808 archive, you will have a main folder, containing sub folders with the various formats within it.

First copy the 808 folder containing the 12 Battery kits to the user location of choice, for Battery kits I have always tended to opt for the default documents/native instruments/user content folder, as Battery kits tend to be fairly small in comparison to many larger Kontakt libraries.

Now go back to the main multi-format 808 folder, go into the folder called ‘wavs’, and from here copy the folder called ‘kits’ across to the 808 Battery folder. You should now have a single Battery folder containg 12 Battery .NBKT kit files, and a folder which holds the samples the kits will use.

Now launch the standalone version of Battery, and using the standard file menus, go to the ‘Tools’ menu, and hit enter on the ‘batch resave’ option, you will get the usual warning dialog telling you that you are about to alter multiple files etc, at this point you can place an index finger into each ear, mumble blah, blah, blah and hit yes, taking care to remove at least one finger so that you can hear your screen reader and make the correct choice without error!

Now use the standard file browsing windows to navigate to the location of your 808 Battery folder, highlight the folder, without going into it, and then tab down and hit ok.

Battery will now perform the batch resave, just as Kontakt does, it will take mere seconds for a few Battery kits, you can then exit Battery standalone.


If you only want to use the Battery kits, you can skip this section and just rescan Komplete Kontrol in standalone, and go and enjoy your new kits.

For Kontakt, the procedure is much the same, except that there are both kit and individual hit sounds available.

Again place your Kontakt 808 folder in your Komplete Kontrol aware user location of choice, into this place the entire waves folder from the multi-format 808 master folder.

Now using either keyboard maestro scripts, or Gian Luca’s AHK script for Kontakt, perform a batch resave on the root of the 808 folder.

As with the Battery files, a rescan can now be done with Komplete Kontrol standalone, and your 808 presets should now appear on the user side of KK, under Native Instruments/Kontakt and then the preset list.

Final note…

for ease of searching, I have renamed and prefixed each of the Battery and Kontakt files with 808, by doing this they will show up in a cluster together within the preset list, rather than scattered to the four winds with spurious preset names. It’s important to do any renaming prior to the batch resaving, so that each application is aware of and is able to associate the presets with the samples.

I have placed these amended files for both formats into the KK dropbox under miscellaneous in the Komplete presets, and called the folder Samples From Mars 808 Kits, here is the link

Please note that as this is usually a commercial product, I have not included the wave files, this also keeps the data footprint low.

If you missed the offer, then fingers crossed there might well be a 909 day coming up in september, and you will now be able to take advantage of the offer, and armed with this knowledge the installation process will hopefully be straightforward!


the author is not responsible for any problems, damage or subsequent loss of data resulting from the instructional content found within this article. Any procedures followed are undertaken solely at your own discretion.

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