Air Music Transfuser 2 – Amazing Price at VST Buzz!

Air Music Transfuser 2 – Amazing Price at VST Buzz!
My pet hate wehn I see deals come up is the term ‘no brainer’, however in this case I actually find myself having to use it to describe the current deal at VST Buzz!

For just £15.65 you can pick up this huge sample based instrument by Air Music.

Admittedly in terms of accessibility we are unable to perform many of the tasks it’s capable of, but coincidentally Jason from Freelance Soundlabs has literally just this week released an NKS preset pack for this huge collection of beats and samples.

The Freelance Soundlabs pack costs a further 12 australian dollars, so for around £20 UK it’s great value just as a source of inspiration for the many drum loops and instrument phrases it contains.

The product is authorised via Ilok, either directly on your machine or a dongle if you have one.

Here is the link to the VST Buzz deal:

87% off “Transfuser 2” by Air Music Tech

Freelance Soundlabs Transfuser NKS Pack Product Page

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