Plughugger Sounds Summer Sale!

Plughugger Sounds Summer Sale!

Yet Another Summer sale I’m afraid, this time it’s not for sample libraries, but preset sounds for U-HE Diva, Repro One, Repro 5 and U-HE Hive, as well as a large selection of Omnisphere presets.

Plughugger have a growing collection of modern and classic preset sounds for a variety of synths, but of course we are only concerned with those which are NKS or have NKS presets available.

All of the U-He presets now come with NKSF preset files so will work out of the box in Komplete Kontrol.

The Omnisphere presets are not NKS, however many of the sets have low cost NKSF conversions available from Freelance Soundlabs, you just need to cross reference them before buying, but the majority are available.

Plughugger presets are very affordable compared to many third party patch creators, so the Summer sale which gives you an extra 33% off is even better value!

The coupon code to use at checkout is SUMMERSOUNDS 

The Plughugger Website can be found here:

The Freelance Soundlabs website is:

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