Waves Audio Release New Finger Bass Instrument!

Waves Audio Release Bass Fingers!

Waves Audio have just released a new sample instrument called Bass Fingers,

Here is some blurb from the website:

The most detailed and nuanced fingerstyle bass virtual instrument in existence. Lay down authentic and realistic-sounding basslines with the personality of a seasoned bass player—intuitively on your keyboard.

It ain’t easy creating realistic sounding MIDI basslines. It’s more than just notes—you want to hear the expressiveness, the touch of the strings hitting the frets, and all the goodness that happens in-between the notes to make a bassline sound like a player and not a computer.

Bass Fingers translates your MIDI input into basslines full of character and personality, giving you the same mechanics, variations and dynamics a seasoned bass player creates naturally across the fretboard.

Designed, recorded and edited by highly regarded bass player Or Lubianiker (Marty Friedman, Gus G, Bumblefoot), Bass Fingers is an ultra-natural sounding, high-performance virtual instrument with an extensive range of articulation and control over your sound—from natural legatos, release and decays, to realistic percussive playing, sampled slides, mechanical noises, and other natural playing effects.

Featuring an extensive sample library with 15.5GB of hand-crafted bass samples, Bass Fingers gives you the most extensive and realistic fingerstyle bass vocabulary possible.

The most nuanced fingerstyle bass sample library ever created
8 velocity layers and 6 round robins for every sampled note
Full 5-string articulation: natural hammer-ons and pull-offs, release and decays, sampled slides, percussive playing & more
21 interactive playing positions with an intelligent adaptive fretboard
Automatic string switching
Customizable Keyswitch Editor for modifiers and additional bass SFX samples
Built-in studio-quality effects
Plugin or standalone instrument
NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine

Bass Fingers normally sells for $69.00, however it has an intro price of $49.00, and as if this was not enough, you can pick it up for a mere $24.50 using the coupon code ‘HALF ‘ at checkout.

Here is the product page:

Bass Fingers Youtube Video

Bass Fingers User Manual

Click to access bass-fingers.pdf

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