Global Accessibility Awareness Day Update!

Native Instruments Global Accessibility Awareness Day Update!

Alex from Native Instruments has asked me to pass on the following update on GAAD, which took place on May 16th, and was celebrated internally at Native Instruments…

Global Accessibility Awareness Day was really great: We had an internal event which was well attended, where Native Instruments staff Carl and Matthieu shared a presentation about the history, latest news and future opportunities around accessibility in our products.

We were also highlighting the importance of the ever growing community of visually impaired users within the Native Instruments customer base.

the input and creativity many of you shared with us was a big motivation. It was great to see our CEO Daniel come down and participate in the hands-on session, sharing his very positive feedback on the initiative and encouraging us to push forward with this very important project, which he also shared on LinkedIn creating some nice visibility outside of Native Instruments.

As a little teaser, I can tell you that we are working on turning the submitted content, that was shared internally into a Blog piece to be released (hopefully) in June, so stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone who shared their feedback and music, it was great to get a little glimpse of the diversity of music being created with our products, keep it up!

Alexander Stamm
Head Of Education
Native Instruments GmbH
Thanks for the update Alex,



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