Native Instruments & Output Partner For Latest Promotion

Native Instruments & Output Partner For Latest Promotion

The newest offer has landed on the Native Instruments website, this time linking up with award winning developer Output, the guru’s behind such products as Exhale, Rev and Signal, and guess what? all of these are on offer either individually or as part of a mega bundle.

Undoubtedly the best value deal is the bundle which contains all seven of Outputs engines, consisting of
Exhale, Analog Brass and Winds, Analog Strings, Substance, Rev, Signal, Rev X-Loops

Other options are the individual engines with up to 50% off the usual price.

KK-Access reviewed Analog Strings last year, and found it to be great for a wide range of music styles, you can read the full review here

For pricing and further details of the current offer here is the link to the Native Instruments promo page


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