Latest on Windows 10 Update thatCausedLoss of Functionality on KK MK1 Keyboards

For users who reported loss of functionality with Komplete Kontrol MK1 keyboards following a recent update, here is the latest news and current solution from Native Instruments.

My KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Keyboard Is Not Recognized after Updating Windows 10
After installing a Windows 10 Update, the following devices are no longer recognized:
• KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK1 (all models)
The Windows 10 Updates KB4487017 and KB4487044 from February 12th, 2019 block certain NI hardware devices from being recognized.
We are currently investigating the issue. In the meantime, uninstalling the Windows updates KB4487017 and KB4487044 will restore functionality of the affected devices.
Windows 10 allows you to roll back to your previous Windows version within 10 days after the update has been installed. Please follow the steps below:
1. Press the Windows key + ‘I’ in order to open the Windows Settings and choose the Update & security option:
2. Open the Windows Update tab and click the View update history link:
3. Click Uninstall Updates on the View update history screen:
4. On the following Uninstall an update screen, select the Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4487017) and click Uninstall:W10U_Uninstall_List.JPG
5. On the same screen, also select Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB4487044) and click Uninstall.
Note: There may be only one Windows update shown in the list. In this case, you need only uninstall that one.

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