Synth Anthology from UVI – Last day of Sale!

UVI Synth Anthology 2 – last day of sale!

Synth Anthology 2
Explore the sounds of 77 hardware synthesizers, including classic analogs, digital powerhouses and modern classics, delivering the authentic sound of hardware with powerful effects in a modern interface.

Now $89 | 89€
Was $149 | 149€

Jason from Freelance Soundlabs has created NKS presets for this UVI library, with all of the included2,500 plus factory presets converted to NKSF with pre-hear and parameter mapping, which sells for 13.99 australian Dollars.

The UVI product runs in their UVI workstation as a soundbank and is around 7.5Gb in size, also uses ilok for authorisation.


UVI Synth Anthology 2 Product Page

Synth Anthology 2 Walkthrough

Freelance Soundlabs Synth Anthology 2 NKS Preset Pack

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