Reaper Gets Unofficial MK2 Komplete Kontrol Integration…

reaper DAW users got a belated Christmas present yesterday when a ‘Reaper Control’ driver became available for MK2 users.

Jamie Teh who is well known in our community for the NVDA screenreader and now works for Mozilla, made his Reaper Control.dll available for users to download.

It is important to state that this solution was only developed for his own personal use, and as such is not supported with a dedicated webpage or documentation, and will only work on Komplete Kontrol MK2 keyboard models within Reaper. Jamie is happy for people to make use of the driver, but as such can accept no responsibility for it’s use or misuse.

Once downloaded, the driver is simply placed in the Reaper users folder, found at C:\users/username/app data/roaming/reaper/user plug-ins

Once an instance of Komplete Kontrol is loaded, the driver provides transport controls for play/record/stop, undo, redo, scrub and most notably auto instance.

Auto instance means that when several instances of Komplete Kontrol instruments are present in a project, users can arrow up to any of these tracks and press the on Keyboard plug-in button and access parameters associated with that instrument. This procedure was only previously possible on accessible Windows DAW’s after the ‘instance’ button was pressed on the keyboard and the instrument selected manually.

Scrubbing on an audio track is made possible via the MK2 Komplete Kontrol encoder dial, to scrub backward and forward through a track, zoom resolution would of course still be altered via the plus and minus keys on the qwerty keyboard.

Native Instruments dropped Mackie support on their MK2 keyboards when they were released back in October 2017, which meant that Windows users no longer had these basic DAW controls available, or indeed any others unless they used a DAW with Native Instruments specifically supported host integration, none of which are currently accessible to blind or visually impaired Windows users.

As the driver was developed for Jamie’s own use, it has naturally only been tested on MK2 model keyboards, however I have tested on an A-series model and it does not work here. Owners of the original MK1 keyboards still have Mackie support in place so transport controls do work within Reaper, Samplitude and Sonar.

The Reaper Control driver can be downloaded directly from the following link:

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