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Latest News from Freelance Soundlabs…
Initial Audio Heat Up 3 is now NKS ready. 
This release adds NKS for factory libraries and all expansions with detailed attribute tagging, sound previews and database/artwork files. The main NKS library includes the Factory, R&B Essentials and Studio Essentials expansions while all additional expansions are available as separate library addons which add bank entries in your Komplete/Maschine browser.
Please note this is designed to work with the latest Heat Up 3 and does not support Heat Up 2. The v3 update is free from Initial Audio so if you need NKS please make sure you have updated first.

The 3rd party library page for Omnisphere has been overhauled and now lists each available library with added and update dates to make finding your NKS files much easier. Some new libraries have been added thanks to the work of a few users and more will be added soon.
If you have any libraries you want to see available please get in touch (just reply to this email). Please note that these NKS files only work if you have the vendors library installed and working already within Omnisphere.
To see the library list you need to own the Freelance SoundLabs Omnisphere Factory NKS on your account and login to the site. Please get in touch if you do not have access.

A free update is available for Sylenth users that adds the latest Nucleus Factory preset library. This has now been added to the latest release and you can downloload this update in My Downloads.
This is v2.2.1 release which you can check in the tag editor > Properties tab your current NKS library version

More details at the following link:


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