New NKS Packs From Freelance Soundlabs Added…

Latest News from Freelance Soundlabs…

Our good friend Jason has once again been busy, with the following two additions to his NKS preset portfolio,

lush101 nks

D16 LuSH-101 is now available with NKS browsing including sound previews and full detailed tagging.
This release is designed to work with the “Large” GUI interface of Lush but if you are a user who prefers the small GUI just let me know because an update (if there is interest) will include library files for the small GUI interface.
There are 2 different controller templates for the multi-layered patches and the single layer patches. There is a limit of 128 parameters that can be mapped within LuSH-101 so some comprimises were needed for the multi-layer patches. You have access to volume, pan, filter and global effects for all 8 layers then more detailed mappings (osc, env1, lfo, mix etc) for layers 1-4. Since most patches do not use more than 4 layers this feels like a good comprimise.
Single layer patches offer access to all parameters including insert effects.
All parameters have been logically grouped and labelled to make the most of the S series MK1 and A Series displays to make identifying parameters simple.
punchbox nks

D16 PunchBox is now also NKS ready! Banks have been created for each of the sound “Modes” to allow easier browsing of sounds and additional sound tagging for the sound “types” can be found under the library “Genre” tag.
All available controls have been mapped, grouped and labelled to closely reflect the modules available in PunchBox.
Make sure you are running the latest available versions of both LuSH-101 and PunchBox

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