Latest News from Freelance Soundlabs!

Latest News from Freelance Soundlabs…

Jason over at Freelance Soundlabs has once again been very busy creating new NKS preset libraries and updates, here are the latest…

falcon expansions nks

The complete Falcon Factory library is now NKS ready and includes all factory presets up to the latest 1.6 release. Due to the fact Falcon contains a completely different macro layout for each preset there has been a lot of work to make sure all macro controls are available and that the labelling of each control is formatted to be understandable on MK1 keyboards and A series keyboards especially.
In addition to the factory library, all 8 expansion libraries are also NKS compatible.
All presets contain detailed 2 level tagging, complete controller maps that cover all macro controls and main volume/pan, banks entries for each Falcon version and each expansion, sound previews and library artwork.

neosoulkeys kk

Gospel Musicians Neo Soul Keys VST is now also NKS ready. All models have been saved with a complete controller map along with banks for each category, library artwork and sound previews. This is for the standalone VST version of Neo Soul Keys not the UVI library version.

Velvet NKS

Long time coming but Air Instruments Velvet is now available for NKS. Fully tagged, mapped and ready to play.

vintagevault nks

Vintage Vault was announced as NKS ready last month but has since been updated for those that may not know, to now support both UVI Workstation and Falcon depending on your preference. A few weeks were also spent working through all 8000+ presets and hand tagging each sound so you can now find your sounds even faster.
If you have an existing version installed already check your version installed by opening the tag editor in Komplete Kontrol and in the Properties section check if you have v2.2.1. If your version is 2.2.0 then you should download the update which adds the tagging/Falcon updates as well as a number of fixes.

Omnisphere Hardware NKS

Finally for those that may have missed the update there is now a new separate NKS library available for the latest Omnisphere 2.5 update “Hardware Library”. This will add a new bank to Komplete Kontrol for Omnisphere called “Hardware Library”. If you have the latest 2.5 update but don’t have the Hardware Library update you can find it on the Omnisphere NKS page.

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