Plughugger Sound Design Update Diva & Repro Librariesto NKS

Softsynth Sound Library Plughugger has now made their existing Diva and Repro soundsets NKS compatible which is great news for Komplete Kontrol users owning those synths…

Here is the press release statement:

Today all of our soundsets for u-he Diva have been updated with tags for the new browser plus NKS presets for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.

One big reason why this update took such along time was partly because of the NKS presets – but thanks to some software help from Native Instruments, all NKS presets are now beautifully arranged in banks you can select from a dropdown menu in Komplete Kontrol / Maschine. For the soundsets that contains two collections, such as the “White Edition” presets in Analog Deep House, the sounds are further divided into sub-groups. It’s really great having the presets sorted up like that.

We also updated and unified the “Author” tag from “Plughugger –” to just “Plughugger”. It looks much cleaner that way.

We also updated our soundsets for Repro to include NKS presets and updated the “Author” tag as well, which matches the sounds we made for the Repro Factory sounds. Again, makes it look much cleaner.

The updates are free of charge.

If you own any Diva or Repro soundset from us and would like to have the updated versions, just let us know and we’ll send you links to the new downloads. If you can, please include the Transaction ID in the mail. That saves us a bit of time.

Just be a little patient when expecting your links, since the updates will be processed manually.


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