Freelance Soundlabs Release NKS Presets Pack For UVI Vintage Vault 2 collection of instruments

Freelance Soundlabs Latest Release!

Now available in NKS format is the UVI Vintage Vault 2 collection of instruments.
This was a huge undertaking but was very worth the effort. This NKS library consists of over 8000+ presets for 50+ instruments.
Each of the synth libraries has its own entry in the NKS browser along with carefully crafted artwork for each instrument. Sound previews and basic tagging are included and more indepth tagging will be released in a future update.
A custom controller map has been created for each plugin that covers pretty much all available controls where possible. Each plugin is different so a completely custom controller map was needed for each one.

Currently files are tagged with 1st level tagging but work will be done to improve this with more detailed tagging down the track. For now the browsing experience is far superior to that offered within UVI Workstation.
If you do not own Vintage Vault but do own some of the plugins then the libraries will work for these in the same way. Let me know if you have any questions about this.
Check it out Here

For those that may have missed the announcement there is now a new library release available for the Omnisphere 2.5 Hardware Library. This is just over 1000 presets worth of awesome sounds I am sure you are familiar with by now.
This library introduces a completely new Controller Map specifically designed for the new 2.5 update. It covers layers 1/2 in detail and now includes access to the Osc effects such as Granular and offers basic performance access to layers 3/4.
All files are tagged with detailed tagging derived direct from Omnisphere and sound previews for all presets.
Checkout the details here:


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