Impact Soundworks add NKS support for Pearl Concert Grand!

Impact SoundWorks Pearl Concert Grand – Now NKS and on offer for $79.00!

PEARL Concert Grand, our flagship piano, is updated and better than ever.
PEARL 2.0 – Free for existing users
$79 flash sale for new customers
Our flagship Yamaha C7 grand piano PEARL has been updated to v2.0 based on your feedback and requests! We’ve completely re-scripted this Kontakt Player instrument from the ground up, adding full NKS support, more realistic pedaling behavior, and per-note editing for features like velocity curves, brightness, ADSR, and microtuning.

If you’re an existing customer, good news: you get the update for free! If you don’t yet have PEARL, you can pick it up now for the temporary sale price of $79 (a savings of $40). It’s Kontakt Player compatible, so no other software or purchase is needed.


Product Page:

Pearl Concert Grand Update Walkthrough:


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