Spectresonics Omnisphere 2.5 Now Released!

Spectresonics Omnisphere 2.5 Now Released…

This news came a couple of days ago, however I was waiting to get an update from Jason at Freelance Soundlabs to confirm what implications if any there might be for those of us using his NKSF conversions.

He has clarified that the update is backwards compatible with all of his existing presets, so in this respect updating to 2.5 will have no effect on anything you have currently, it also means that they will sound pretty much the same, although it’s possible that software improvements to certan aspects of Omnisphere (the granular synthesis engine for example) might improve some elements.

Jason did not confirm that there would be an immediate update to cover the new 2.5 specific presets released by Spectresonics as part of the new update.

He is working on a new Omnisphere mapping template that will include some of the new features, namely the additional layers that Omnisphere now has.

With regard to the GUI, Jason tells me that it looks pretty much the same, however there are additional pages to cater for the added layers, and there has been artwork revisions to some sliders, also the GUI scaling is set to 1.5 magnification by default, which was initially a concern for him as his conversion technigue relies on OCR scanning, however this can be changed.

He confirmed he will put out an email in due course just to clarify his position going forward.

It will be interesting to discover whether the new hardware integration included in Omnisphere 2.5 offers any accessibility benefits, I can see that having controls for existing hardware synths mapped to Omnisphere parameters out of the box is potentially exciting provided you own one of the models Spectresonics have mapped. however at this stage I’m not clear on how you might get to different pages, and I would assume there will be no text to speech feedback. It might work well in conjunction with other access solutions though.


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