Sonivox – Tony Coleman Drums, Plug-in Boutique Bargain!

Sonivox – Tony Coleman Drums – going for a song!

I do my very best to search out and find the odd bargain for you all, and I think I’ve found one that might be of interest to those looking for a new drum library.

I often have a peek into the dropbox to see if I can cross referance any of the free NKS presets with anything on sale, I just found that you can currently pick up Sonivox Tony Coleman Drums for the modest price of £14.95 from Plug-in Boutique.

Strangely to buy the library on it’s own costs £29.95, but bundled with Sonivox Session Drums it’s cheaper, I should however point out that Session Drums is not accessible due to a lack of NKS presets.

I took the plunge, and hey presto it works with the free presets so all good there. You should be aware that it uses ilok, not that this is a problem, the installation process was refreshingly easy and I didn’t have to yell for sighted help at all, which also means you can get away with buying it without telling anyone (wink)!

It’s a nice sounding drum library cleanly sampled and natural sounding with no frills, not dissimilar to some of the Abbey Road kits.

There are 13 pages of mapped NKS parameters, including master volume, pan, pitch, amplitude, individual volume levels, e.q, compressor and reverb. The only slight downside is that parameters appear to be applied to kits globally rather than individual drums, there is a 16 output .dll which might be an answer but I haven’t figured it out yet.

There are 44 presets Included in the NKS pack, with kits for 80’s rock kit, blues kit, garage kit, jazz kit, modern funk kit, neo soul kit, rock kit, Studio kit and unplugged kit all having variations on their initial title. The jazz and studio kits also include brush sounds which often get omitted from drum sample libraries.

As with other Sonivox products, it does not use Kontakt as it’s player, instead using their own proprietary software. The library does occupy 20Gb of disk space, so it’s no lightweight if you are short on space.

It works quite nicely with my Alesis electronic kit having standard midi note placement which was also a bonus.

For a library that originally cost $99, and still sells on Sonivox own website for $49 it’s a bit of a bargain. In summary if you are looking for a cheap as chips good quality NKS drum library you will have to go a long way to find anything to beat this… quite literally!

Tony Coleman Drums + FREE Session Drums
is Available from Plug-in Boutique for just £14.95

Plug-in Boutique Product page:

Sonivox Product Page:

It does use an ilok

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