Using Native Access, A General Guide & Workflow

Using Native Access, A General Guide & Workflow

This has been written from the Windows user perspective, however the layout will remain the same for MAC users, but Voiceover navigation will differ.

For this tutorial I am using Windows Narrator, as being the Windows stock screen reader that is provided by Microsoft, and is thus freely available to all users. It was also used to maximise the accessibility of Native Access during the development process.

Other screen readers such as JAWS or NVDA may work equally well, howver there may be some differences in keyboard commands.

Navigating with Narrator

Launch Narrator with Control, Windows and Enter key

Hold down the Insert (caps lock key) and use number pad 4 & 6 as a means to move through the tab order

Use the Number pad 5 to focus on a tab or button name

Use number pad enter, or spacebar to click a tab or button, I find that continuing to hold down the Narrator insert key (caps lock) when hitting enter make the clicks more positive.

When you are in a Tab you can press Escape to return to the previous level

Use the number pad 3 & 9 keys to cycle through various keyboard focus views, the items option seems to work best within Narrator

Spacebar and insert key turns scan on and off, if a standard Windows dialog is invoked for example when locating a folder or itemwithin a standard Windows explorer dialog, then selection and tabbing is more responsive if scan is switched off.

When you enter a tab, use insert plus numberpad 4 & 5 to move across until you reach your list of prducts (not installed and installed tab for example), then use arrow up and down to find the specific product,then resume with numberpad 4 & 5 to locate further options.

Description of Native Access Tabs & Buttons in order of Tabbing

Refresh Button

Account Tab,
Containing the following:
Preferences Button,
File Locations Button
Settings Tab contains the following Options:
Download Location
Application Location
Content Location
64 Bit Location
32 Bit Location
Option to Save
Log Out plus email and password fields

About Tab
Info Regarding Native Access

Add a Serial Tab
Edit box to paste serial number, and button to authorise

Not Installed Tab
List of registered products that are authorised but not currently installed to a confirmed location on the computer

Available Updates Tab
List of updates and option to update all or individually

Installed Products Tab,

A list of all currently installed products in alphabetical order,

Relocate All Button,
Card/List View Switch Button (if card view is announced this means the status is currently in list view which is the preferred option for screen readers)

Products List (with options for information and button to choose location)

Quick Guide: Relocating Or Moving A Kontakt Sample Library

This can be achieved prior to loading Native Access by first moving your entire sample library folder to your choice of new location or drive.

For example, you would move the whole ‘Action Strings’ folder to the new destination, before proceeding to launch Native Access.

When you then launch Native Access, move to the installed products list, and arrow down until you find ‘Action Strings’.

Native Access after it launched will have refreshed your products and detected that ‘Action Strings’ is no longer in it’s original location, and will offer you the ‘Repair’ option.

Move right and you should find the ‘Repair’ button, click into this and again move right until you hear the invitation to relocate.

By clicking this button you should then be presented with a Browse dialog where you can then navigate to the new location path. Once you have this highlighted in the folder edit field, you can then proceed right to click the ‘relocate’ button.

Once Native Access has relinked the library which will take only a moment, you should find yourself back on the main tabs list once again.


Author: Chris Ankin


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